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Our Founder

Born and raised in Polk County, FL, I’ve seen and encountered many challenges that our young people are facing, especially young girls. The purpose for the start of this organization was to be able to make a difference. Becoming a role model and mentor for the young girls in my community is my reason for doing what I do in my community. To be able to make young girls feel empowered about themselves and to be able to teach young girls that inner beauty is something that is found within is my ultimate goal.
When I think about becoming a role model, I think of being someone that young girls can look up to. Being someone that girls can go to when things aren’t going right and when they feel like they don’t have anyone to turn to is my goal for this organization. I want to empower young girls to be something greater than they’ve ever expected. I want them to feel empowered to achieve anything in life. My goal is to empower and build leaders in the community by teaching girls to be smart, confident, and finding their inner beauty. I believe that every girl should feel that they are beautiful and it should be proudly embraced. I want young girls to know that despite how they may look or feel, that they are indeed beautiful and their future is bright.

Sheenna McKenzie, CEO
It’s A Girls’ World Foundation, Inc.