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IAGWF is a non-profit 501c3 organization that focuses on mentoring, community service, and scholarship.

Girl 2 Girl: Our mentoring program, Girl 2 Girl, focuses on building the lives of young girls by encouraging them to be smart, confident and to be a leader in their community. Girl 2 Girl works diligently with girls 8-18 in the Central Florida area. During the Girl 2 Girl mentoring program, each girl is assigned to a team that is headed by one of our dedicated and committed mentors. Each mentor connects with their mentee during our monthly meetings. The Girl 2 Girl mentoring program starts in August and lasts until May. During the program, each girl will actively engage in open discussions, meet with their mentor and participate in a variety of activities team building exercises.

Girl Talk 101: Girl Talk 101 is a mentoring program that is based at Citrus Center Boys & Girls Club in Winter Haven. We have mentors that meet with 4th-6th grade girls every Tuesday. The purpose of Girl Talk 101 is to teach the young girls about bullying in schools, peer pressure, goal setting and becoming a leader to your peers. The program lasts for an entire school year. During the beginning of the Girl Talk 101 session, the girls each discusses their academic goals for the school year and throughout the program, we let the girls take a peek at their goals to make sure they are achieving each goal that they have written down. The program is a rewarding and educational experience for every girl that is involved.

Miss Young, Talented & Educated Scholarship: The Miss Young, Talented & Educated Scholarship was started in 2014 with the hopes of being able to help students pursue their college careers buy providing scholarships to help meet their college expenses. Scholarships are awarded every year in May following a scholarship banquet. Scholarship applications can be found on the website under the Upcoming Events tab.

If you would like to volunteer, become a mentor or contribute in any way, please feel free to contact us and we’ll further assist you.